Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Props to Mayor Caulfield

Wow. It's definitely not every day that you read about your 70 year-old mayor intervening in a drug-related assault, causing the perpetrators to flee, and then still having the wherewithal to capture the license plate number of the getaway van.

I don't know how much press this will get beyond local outlets like the Sun, but it definitely deserves at least a mention on national cable news.

For all the bad things we've seen and heard from national politicians of both parties like Mssrs. Stevens and Mahoney, and with all the virulent rhetoric that's come out of the 2008 election (not to mention the ugliness we've seen, from skinhead plots against Obama to hanged effigies of Palin), it's nice to see some real courage from an elected leader -- not in the way he or she voted, but in the way he or she acted.


kad barma said...

We do indeed live in the best small city in the entire U S of A. I bet that "leading by example" thing could go a long way in a lot of other places, too.

The New Englander said...

Kad Barma,

Megadittoes on the greatness of Lowell. As for a place to hang your hat, it beats the pants off of New London, Norwich, or even Worcester -- seven days a week and twice on Sunday. The funny thing is, six months have just flown by and I'm realizing it's not that long until I can *really* live in Lowell all the time (minus training and deployments, of course).

Good point on leading by example --it's always the best way to go, in any realm..