Saturday, July 25, 2009

Location, Location, and Bridge Street

I had the chance to drop the car off today at CVS (336 Bridge) and walk home. Besides just being able to get out and enjoy the day, and the Folk Festival, I finally took advantage of the opportunity to check out L & I Clothing and Military Outlet on French Street, which I've passed by now a few times but never during normal business hours.

They're not a traditional Army-Navy Surplus Store. Instead, they're a 50/50 split civilian clothing store and military clothing/memorabilia store. Their prices seemed reasonable, and to answer the FIRST question I always ask myself when I see a new business downtown, they definitely fill a niche (I say that because as much as I'd root for another Irish-themed bar or beauty salon, I wouldn't stake my own fortunes on one).

Anyway, the big news I've got to report here is that they're going to be moving within the next couple of days to a bigger and better location -- the corner of Bridge and French. I hadn't even noticed the constabulary/private investigator storefront was gone until I asked L & I's owner (Staff Sergeant Glenn Morales, USMC, now on terminal leave but about to affiliate with a Reserve ordnance unit out of Devens) about it and confirmed that was the spot.

Seems like a huge improvement over being tucked away back on French where there isn't even a fraction of the foot or vehicle traffic you've got just a few yards away on Bridge. Legions of potential new customers who probably never knew that L & I existed (its name is about to slightly change, by the way, as 'Outlet' is replaced by 'Store') will now see the storefront and know that it's there.


C R Krieger said...


Thanks for this. I dropped by there a couple of weeks ago and meant to blog on it, but was overtaken by events.  I bought a pseudo stained glass object d'art of the Air Force logo, which I took to work.  I am glad to see that the owners have the confidence to move to a larger location.

Regards  —  Cliff

The New Englander said...


Yup, and hopefully they'll have plenty of support with their civilian-military mix idea. Just picked up an "Army Strong" bumper sticker for the car...but if I get profiled for it when pulling onto a Navy base, I'll flash the current ID, no problem. I promise.