Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Murphy Campaign: Retail Politics Meets the 21st Century

This press release was already picked up over at Right-Side-of-Lowell under the piece titled Patrick Murphy Out and About. I think the "take" for those of us who follow the intersection of politics and new media is that Patrick Murphy is using 21st century media like YouTube to reach a tech-savvy audience in a cost-effective way, but still going back to the most old-school, bread-and-butter means of retail politicking there is -- exhaustively knocking on doors to get his message out.

The press release is below (my italics):


Lowell City Council candidate Patrick Murphy has knocked on over 8,000 doors as of Sunday, August 30, 2009.

In walking the city, Murphy has been heartened by the response. Campaigning in all kinds of weather—the torrential rain this past Saturday, and the extreme heat just weeks ago—Murphy has worked hard to spread his positive message, his priorities on the council, and his sense of responsible leadership. The Campaign is on schedule to reach its hopes of canvassing all of Lowell, as Murphy seeks to represent the whole of the city, not simply become the surrogate for a few.

his blue and white signs were printed little over a week ago, well over a hundred of Patrick Murphy’s have been placed on private property, with many more to go up later this week. As the campaign’s signs, message, and recognition have spread, so has the support and volunteerism increased for it.

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