Monday, December 14, 2009

Definitely a Guy Thing

"The president misses not having to shave every day and being able to throw on his old jeans without causing a huge stir, as he did earlier this year with his 'mom jeans.'"

I can't speak to the jeans thing, but must say I concur with our Commander-in-Chief about the shaving bit. Even though shaving takes just a few minutes out of the day, there's something liberating about not having to do it, which is probably why every servicemember who goes on a long period of leave inevitably carries out some form of facial hair experimentation.

I'll even admit the beard starts to be a bit too much after about the three-day mark (when the little old ladies on Market St. stop smiling back and waving, I know it's time for a date with the Mach 3).

Still, even though the bread-and-butter hygiene doesn't get neglected on weekends and off days, there really is just something great about having that one- or two-day's worth of stubble before Monday morning comes and it's time to hack it back.

So on his toughest important decision (the plus-up of troops to Afghanistan) as well as his toughest not-so-important personal gripe (the need for a daily shave) I'm with POTUS.


kad barma said...

Couldn't agree more. Which is why I don't. And, luckily enough, once they get used to you that way, the old ladies on Market Street do start to smile and wave back after awhile. (Which may be because they aren't really all that old compared to me, but we won't think about that too much today).

The New Englander said...

Kad, nice points there. And the non-traditional work schedule definitely allows for a nice amount of two- and three-day growth before we're talking *actual beard.* I need to get a badass haircut, too...just gotta remember to ask for it from someone who understands the question!