Monday, March 15, 2010

Census 2010: An Ounce of Effort Now..

You probably just got a Census 2010 form in the mail.

For just a moment, put aside patriotism, sense of duty, ethnic pride, Congressional representation, money apportionment from Washington or Boston, and whatever other intangibles might influence Census-returners.

Here's a selfish reason to return it ASAP: It will save you a knock at the door later.

I know this only because I almost wound up working for the Census. In fact, I had an office job all ready to go out in Tewksbury when I got called by my unit to "activate," which is a way better move professionally than a short-term Census gig would have been. So, the very same Guard that kind of screwed with me earlier this year has now got me doing something that a) I love, and b) pays all my bills and then some. The hand that tooketh away now giveth back, or something like that..

But anyway, I digress.

One of the few things I learned before actually joining up with the Census was that the door-knockers only go out for the people who don't return the forms.

Now, you may not mind a knock at the door, so it may be no big deal to you; however, if you're one of those types who prefers to return from work and just be left alone by the big bad world outside, I'm assuming you'd rather avoid the pound of annoyance that even a well-meaning, friendly Census taker might cause you with a dinnerus interruptus shave-and-a-haircut at the door.

So just return the darned form now, save yourself that trouble, help show that there are way more than 106,000 Lowellians, and let's hope Massachusetts doesn't lose more than one seat in DC come 2012..

Oh, and one other unrelated thing -- if you're driving around highways at 65+ mph during monsoon-like conditions, please remember to turn your headlights on! You wouldn't believe how many people I saw today who, whether out of absentmindness or just a lack of concern, were chugging right down the highway "blacked out." Unless you're working the pedals for the 160th SOAR, that's not a wise tactical option!

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