Monday, April 5, 2010

Here's the Church...Where's the Steeple?

There is going to be a public hearing later this month (26 APR) regarding the proposed steeple/cell tower for the Lowell Mission Church (403 Andover St.) The building currently looks like what you see in the upper-right portion of the image, but would look like the other picture if the steeple/cell tower is approved.

I'm not entirely sure if opposition to the steeple/cell tower is based on aesthetic concerns or health concerns. If we're talking aeshetics, I'd offer that the building would look better with the tower than it does now. In fact, if there were a direct antonym for 'eyesore' I'd want to use it here to describe the steeple. If it's a health issue, then I'd just have to admit here that I'm not qualified to offer an opinion on said matter. But as a member of LMC, I am hoping to attend the hearing (schedule permitting) to listen, to learn, and, of course, to blog.

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