Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th on the 5th in Chelmsford

I marched today along with fellow Sam Meas supporters, to include one other local blogger, in the Independence Day Parade in Chelmsford (in the photo, Sam is the guy on the left, and his Campaign Manager, Jack Roy, is the guy on the right).

Despite the triple-digit heat and sweltering humidity, there was still a great turnout from residents who either set up on their own front lawns, the sidewalks, or in the downtown towards the end of the route.

There were several political candidates and movements represented. Of note, Representative James Arciero (D, 2nd Middlesex) had a sizable entourage of young people sporting his t-shirts, as did Rep. Paul Loscocco (R, 8th Middlesex), who had about a dozen youngish-looking people with black t-shirts and an amateurish "Loco for Loscocco" sign on their vehicle. Loscocco is the running mate to Tim Cahill (I?, Quincy).

Because most of the political entourages featured mainly retired volunteers, the candidate's relatives, and/or hired staff, this begged an interesting question -- just who were those flocks of young'uns?

My guess is that the considerable entourages surrounding a Statehouse member running unopposed and for the running mate in a sinking statewide race were probably made up of summer interns and/or their friends. In any case, the question made for some interesting post-parade speculation over lunch, but the easier thing to do at the time would probably have been to just ask.

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