Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birther Nonsense

The person forwarding this nonsense probably didn't figure on an Indonesian linguist being on the recipient list.

Along with some other stuff that's somehow supposed to *prove* a point the birthers are trying to make came this school registration form.

Guess what Line 2 says? "Place and date of birth." It's right there -- I don't care whether he was going by Soetoro or Obama at the time, the student referred to was born in Hawaii in 1961. It doesn't matter that his "warga negara" (nationality) is listed as Indonesian or that his
"agama" (religion) is listed as Islam. In the first case, by living in Indonesia, he never would've lost the U.S. citizenship he gained by being born in Hawaii; as for the second, it's not inconsistent with anything he's said about finding Christ later in life (and as far as his qualification to be President goes, that should be irrelevant anyway).

You know what else the birthers won't acknowledge? Archived newspaper records from Honolulu in 1961 include an announcement of that same child's birth.

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C R Krieger said...

Excellent Post.  This falls into the category of nothing ruins a good fish story like someone who was there.


Regards  —  Cliff