Thursday, March 17, 2011

The People That You Meet / They're Jamming in the Street

Although this phenomenon was first reported while I was on leave by Lost in Afghanistan, I couldn't help but make this the highlight of my first post since returning to the blogosphere after a need-to-catch-up-with-work hiatus.

Someone has taken it upon himself/herself to go around North Fort Hood spraypainting a likeness of Lionel Ritchie, and then the name of a hit Lionel Ritchie song below the image, as seen here on the plastic Jersey barrier pictured.

Instantly, I have to give credit to whoever this person is, as they're scoring quite high not only on the gutsy scale, but also the originality scale. As I might say these days when saluting, "Hooah." Thanks for bringing a big smile to my face every time I pass one of these things.

In other news, a recent personnel shift has brought me from being the Assistant to a Key Player (which is great fun because I can do a lot of the meaningful work but then duck out of all the interminable staff meetings), to being an Actual Key Player. No more hiding behind Dad when the neighborhood bullies come around. No more free time, either. Right now a 16-hour day would seem like a vacation.

Still, I'm finding ways wherever I can to make use of RAPOTs (Random-Ass Pockets of Time), such as the 10-minute breaks that come up on the hour when we're doing classes, briefings, or training lanes. It's push-ups, pull-ups, and flutter kicks wherever possible to stay in reasonable shape, with my nifty iPhone Dari apps sprinkled in here and there for good measure as well.

Thankfully, I can blog from my *office* so my lack of reliable barracks Internet isn't a problem. If you've e-mailed or called me in the last month or so, I know I haven't been up to speed (I would say *sorry* but try to reserve use of that term to only the strictest of circumstances), but ironically my life should become easier once we get "over there" and fall in on a more predictable, 12-on/12-off 24-hour cycle.

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C R Krieger said...

I liked the new acronym.

Regards  —  Cliff