Saturday, March 17, 2012

Scott Brown at the SAC

Senator Brown appeared at the SAC last night for a fundraiser. In a brief speech, he hit upon all his basic "bread-and-butter" talking points:

* We should be careful not to let America drift off in the direction of Greece or other struggling European nations that didn't think ahead on fiscal/monetary matters

* Rather than just demonize the 1%, we should do whatever we can to encourage innovation, investment, and employment.

* He talked about how his recent support for things like VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) angered some fringe conservatives, but that he didn't mind because he reads legislation, and then votes the way he wants to, rather than kowtow to a party line. He also drew on personal experience -- as a six year-old, he tried to violently intervene to prevent his mother from being surprise here, those attempts were not successful. He knows this issue because he has seen it and lived it.

* He really beat his *I'm a regular guy* drum, which I'm personally not a huge fan, because I kind of disagree (how many regular guys serve in the US Senate and earned a big chunk of their livelihood as male models?), but also because I file that stuff under "things you don't need to advertise if they stand on their own." Kind of like how it drives me nuts when people talk about how "humble" they are, or even better yet, when people insistently advertise -- unsolicited -- how they "don't care what other people think." It's like, the more you need to tell people that, the less true it must be [insert quote about honor and silverware here].

Still, nothing is perfect. Scott Brown is no exception. Still, I really believe him when he says he votes his conscience. I also believe the GOP needs its moderates and its compromisers.

A wee bit of honesty doesn't hurt either -- I'd rather hear a Presidential candidate acknowledge that the President doesn't set or control gas prices than hear some baloney promise about "$2.50 a gallon" just because it rouses the rabble.


JoeS said...

Well, within the 1% there is a subset that indeed innovates, some that provide the investment capital for others, but still others who just manipulate the system, eliminate jobs and make their money at the expense of others. There are now too many in that latter subset, and their thirst for wealth distorts the economy. I wouldn't be so quick to buy into their story.

Progressive Veterans said...

Having it at the SAC Club was brilliant. Brown is striking right at the working class voters that Warren would need to win Lowell in November.

This troubles me, as clearly Brown is not voting in DC in ways that support the working class.

But, when he poses with his barn coat and grins, he quickly melts the hardened hearts of the rough boys.

Good job Sen. Brown. Kudos to your staff. You know how to spot an "empty netter." Their votes count just as good, right?

- Jack

C R Krieger said...

What is voting for the working guy?  I would assert that voting for Keynesian economic policies is voting against the working man or woman.  When an economic policy is wrong and slows recovery, the "looking good in the locker room" voting pattern is not helpful.  It isn't that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are evil.  It is just that they are wrong in their understanding of economic reality—they are prolonging the recession.  The above is not to say that we shouldn't have unemployment benefits.  We absolutely should.  It isn't to say we shouldn't be working on our infrastructure.  We most certainly must, repairing and expanding it.  But we need to be cautious of deficit spending.

Regards  —  Cliff

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