Wednesday, May 2, 2012

RIP to a Class Act

When I heard today that Junior Seau had assumed room temperature, I immediately thought of Todd Kobus.  Todd is perhaps the premier Intelligence Analyst in the Massachusetts Army National Guard.  From February 2011 to February 2012, I spent 16 hours a day with the guy.  The number of people who bring his level of intensity, drive, people skills, and sense of humor to the table is a VERY small one.  It's an amazing mix and I'm proud to say I worked with him in Kabul.

When he got shellacked at a Pats blowout against the Arizona Cardinals, he ran onto the field to hug Junior Seau.  The subsequent slip got reported as a "tackle," but Junior Seau was totally cool about it.  He did not press charges.  He even joked about it and blamed it on an aging Mike Vrabel.  With the help of then-State Sen. Scott Brown, Kobus beat the rap for this.  If Junior Seau hadn't been so gracious about the whole thing, Kobus' career might've been jeopardized, and - no exaggeration - Kabul would have been less safe last year.  A suicide attack plot against an installation may not have been foiled pre-emptively, as no one else had connected the same set of dots in the same way.

Todd is still banned from Gillette, but his wife takes a life-size cardboard cutout of him to games and cheers for the Pats, as wildly as ever.  I'm serious about that, too -- check the Attleboro Sun.  I think the Krafts should consider re-instatement.  

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C R Krieger said...

The wife sounds like a definite "Keeper".

And sad about Junior.

Regards  —  Cliff