Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MIT Graffiti

"Graffiti worth reading / Rarely is written / On walls that are worth writing on."  -- Barrett

This was too funny not to post.  A simple "don't leave your stuff alone, or it might walk away" public service announcement posted in the john turns into a debate about the computing power used by astronauts 40+ years ago, a critique of the relative sizes of the laptop and smart phone depicted on the poster, and then an accusation leveled against Apple.

As the token liberal arts guy, I could point out the way "gorilla" was incorrectly used by the guy who scrawled at the bottom, but I'm not quite sure how effective that would be.

The other day, someone who I barely know walked up to me and asked, "Hey, are you still doing investment banking recruiting?"

I was like, "Uhh...no."  In a friendly way, I pointed out that I was never on that track, so to speak [the question came from an international student, and I had (wrongly) assumed he mistook me for 'some other white American guy'].

When he then persisted a bit with that line of questioning, I asked what made him so sure I was, or had been, on the path towards bank recruiting.

"Oh, it's because I always see you carrying or reading the Wall Street Journal."  

Right away, I realized that he had correctly identified me, but I cringed a bit when I thought about what the whole encounter meant:  he didn't see that there might be any other reason why someone might be reading a daily newspaper.  Yikes.  

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