Thursday, January 3, 2013

C'mon...Really, Elizabeth?

I did not vote for Elizabeth Warren.

However, I congratulate her for winning an uphill battle for the US Senate seat and for recently becoming Massachusetts' junior senator.  I wish her the best, I have good friends who worked for her campaign, and I'm not partisan enough to think she's some kind of communist subversive.

However, I haven't lost the ability to call out utter BS when I see or hear it.  Here is a  quote from a story about Warren's inauguration, in reference to an old family King James Bible she brought to the swearing-in:
“I know people come with big fancy family Bibles,” Warren said in an interview shortly before her Noon induction into the Senate. “Mine’s a little more modest.”
Give me a break!  I consume a lot of Americana, and I'm not familiar with ANY tradition involving fancy-pants WASP families who pride themselves on "big fancy family Bibles."

After a while, I get pretty tired of hearing millionaires engage in the "who-had-fewer-cars-in-the-family-driveway" sort of arguments.

Who carries a more modest Bible, though?   That just takes it to a whole new level.  


C R Krieger said...

Ah, the AV—the name King James is informal, although established by custom, especially in the Evangelical, Fundamentalist and Pentacostal communities here in the US.  I remember hearing the Rev Bob Mumford say, jokingly, "I will be reading from the King James version, the one Paul used."

Me?  I like the way The New Jerusalem Bible reads, but mostly use the New American Bible.  I have a NAB that is pocketbook size, but at Mass just the year's readings are a coffee table sized book.  It is all in the font.

Regards  —  Cliff

Renee said...

Greg, I knew of Elizabeth Warren prior to her running of the race as an law professor and author on bankruptcy issues. I even praise her book, "The Two Income Trap".

When she speaks as she did in regards to the Bible incident, it doesn't sound like the same person when I'm reading her work. She was asked a relevant question last night by a reporter from Fox 25 in regards to defining 'middle class'. 3 minute 45 second mark It was a very good example. We see 'middle class' not as income, but more cultural. On the other hand, her comments have been bizarre in my opinion. If our Senators are suppose to be leaders, why does it seem someone (to no fault of her own and seen done with both parties) has her on a leash.

If Massachusetts Democrats really wanted a female Senator with certain Democratic ideological viewpoints, we had a pool of candidates already without seeking out Warren. Look at the 'fix' with the Senate race to replace Senator Kerry.