Saturday, February 9, 2013

Riding Out the Storm

The view from my window tells me the worst of the "Blizzard of '13" has passed.

Here are two quick thoughts:

(1) I think the Governor's driving ban decision was awesome.  I have heard a few complainers, both in person and on Facebook, but without them the previous sentence would be what I would call a "home run derby."  By keeping drivers off the roads, the Governor can keep first responders from becoming overwhelmed, he can make the job of snow shovelers much easier, and he can save the lives of people who confuse 'want' with 'need.'  Best of all, the instruction to the Staties was to not actually ticket people, so the screams and cries of the 'government overreach' folks won't get much traction anywhere.

(2) Life in the USAR is looking pretty good right now.  As I've written about a few times here on the blog, I changed units after the deployment to join an MI unit at Devens.  That meant a component transfer from the Guard to the Reserves, which means not being called up during periods of State Active Duty (SAD).  But isn't 'saving the day' what everyone dreams about when they join up with the Guard?  Yes, it is.  And if SAD for me meant being out in Scituate helping someone whose house was just swallowed up by a wave, or helping save someone who was trapped outside of their home somewhere else, then yes, that would be pretty awesome.  However, if it meant driving to Joint Force HQ in Milford in undriveable conditions, just to man a desk by day and sleep on a cot by night while separated from family, then I will happily pass, thank you very much.  Option two is what my former unit is now up to, and the only way to get to option one would be to resign the commission and to "reclass" with a brand new MOS.  And I think I will doing that in the year two-thousand-and-never.

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Renee said...

From Facebook

"Status Update
By Fitchburg Police Department
With Common sense in mind!!!! Taking into consideration that there is a travel ban. Fitchburg Market Basket is open. If you have emergency requirements???????. These requirements do not include placation of your Ring Ding craving. Do the best you can to get there safely."