Sunday, August 18, 2013

He's Going the Distance!

"Hey yo, that's amazing..." -- Raekwon, Triumph

Tomorrow, Lowell's own James Ostis will complete a successful streak -- 365 straight days of attendance at Brew'd Awakening at 61 Market St.

Many attend Brew'd frequently, myself included.  Merely going to Brew'd a lot in one year does not an accomplishment make.

However, James has NEVER missed a day in the past year. Through blizzards, holidays, weddings, trips to Maine, job interviews, festivals, and all the many other things that could possibly pull less-dedicated folks away from a streak like this, James has persevered.

This is awesome.  I may be the biggest champion of "The Streak," as it's now being referred to on the streets of downtown Lowell, but a growing band of others is also planning to take a brief pause from their busy lives tomorrow to reflect and pay homage to this man and his accomplishment.  

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