Thursday, June 19, 2008

Leno to Perform at Lowell Mem. Aud.

I just wanted to make sure no one missed this.

Apparently, there are actually some tickets possibly available to see Leno perform Saturday night as part of the Middlesex Community College Celebrity Forum. Sounds like a great opportunity -- Leno is the Man.

Speaking of comedy, I should add here that I'm thinking about taking some of the material here and morphing it into a stand-up routine. It would be mostly observational type stuff -- always inspired by, but never ripping off, people like George Carlin and Jerry Seinfeld, but with a somewhat more animated delivery.

And, of course, there would be a healthy smattering of Senator Marzilli jokes waiting in the wings in case my "Did-you-ever-notice-when-people-do-x-or-y" stuff wasn't taking off.


Shannon said...

Sounds so fun! I hope you get to go! That would be so amazing. Sounds like Lowell has some good qualities( moved there :)

The New Englander said...


If I make it there, I will definitely give you the debrief! The Senator Marzilli jokes are about a Mass. State Senator who doesn't represent Lowell but visited and went on a "groping spree" downtown, gave chase to the police by foot, and wound up in a parking garage next to my house where he initially gave them a false name. Pretty amazing, huh? You can google it for the full story, but the material pretty much writes itself.


Shannon said...

Wow, I can't believe he ended up next to your house. I was sincere about Lowell having qualities. I read the article that you included in the blog entry about Leno. Some of the things he commented on gave me a clear picture of why Lowell is special. Also, I would love to hear some of your stand-up material!

The New Englander said...

Sounds like someone needs to come visit the East Coast...perhaps to commemorate a late-summer holiday..