Monday, January 26, 2009

Dunkin Dutton...All Day Long

I'm sure you've seen that the new Dunkin Donuts sitting right on the Pawtucket Canal (in the brick building) is now officially open for business. What you might not have known, however, (and what I didn't see until yesterday when I went there) is that it's 24/7 with a drive-through.


I know, somewhere some economist must be scratching his head wondering why Dunkin's penetration of the New England market has broken every axiom about franchise saturation.

At some point, it may seem like DD is just selling more snow to eskimos, but the fact that this one's got a 24/7 drive-through provides (in my eyes at least) unique value.

Currently, if you're starting your day at oh-dark-thirty either downtown or over by Mt. Vernon and Bowers, you're looking at 290 Central as your best bet for a quick caffeine injection and some quick chow before getting on the road. However, as wonderful as the convenience of 24/7 Dunkin is, that requires actually stopping and getting out of your car, not to mention moving out of your way and having to double back to the Connector.

Now, there's a way to get the food and the caffeinated goodness at any strange hour, without having to leave the car or be more than two quick right turns from the Highway. Plus, the new location might help spark some improvement in an area of town that could use a little bit of refurbishment.

I've gotta say I'm a fan.


C R Krieger said...

Some of us joined the Air Force because of our total lack of interest in getting our caffine via coffee. For such as us, it is always nice to have a coke-a-cola machine in the Squadron.

But, for those with a fix, congratulations.

Regards -- Cliff

The New Englander said...


Hey, no discrimination against the non-coffee or tea drinkers here! Who knows who might need bagels, chocolate milk, gatorade or even Coke at 4 a.m. near Dutton and Fletcher? This is an all-around a hot-beverage drinker, I would never gloat over this newfound source of a fix!