Monday, January 12, 2009

Saying Goodbye to the Plain Street CVS..

Sadly, an era ended last week, with the closing of the Plain Street CVS. While Old Man Winter ravaged our land on Saturday, dirges were sang and remembrances offered to a store that once was, though no longer is.

After the appropriate respects were paid to the Target Corporation and a homily was offered in the hopes that the VFW might come full circle and strike a deal that would bring discount shampoo and prescription drugs to the huddled masses in the Highlands, toasts were offered to the good times that had passed, and to the great tidings that the 24/7 store on Bridge Street will certainly continue to yield, in addition to the heightened prospects for the outpost on Chelmsford Street.

Store 1032 will live on in spirit, and trips to Blockbuster will remind us of days past. With the ceremonial eating of the cake pictured here on this page, one unspeakable thought weighed heavily on all present -- there was still a 24/7 Walgreen's just down the road.

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