Thursday, June 18, 2009

Abe's Words on Manoian

I just saw this comment this morning from "Abe" and I wanted to post it as a separate entry, because: a) I think it needs to be said, and b) Comments to posts that aren't on the front *page* of entries are likely to be lost in the sauce.

Without further ado:

I was born in Lowell and have known the Manoian family for all of that time. We called him "Humpo" based on his Armenian name. His father came to this country and joined the Army during WWI and was sent back to Europe. His mother was orphaned by the Turks and her story is heart breaking. His brother Sam was in the Navy during the war and he died by drowning in trying to save a kid that fell into the river running by the Lowell Post Office. His younger brother, Mike, joined the Navy later and lives in Manchester. Patriotism is in their blood. They all served.

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