Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ipswich: Breaking the Mold

I got a kick out of this passage describing a neighborhood's reaction when Amy Bishop (The University of Alabama shooter, and the IHOP assaulter, and the Braintree shooter) moved out of Ipswich. The neighbors seem to have erupted in some spontaneous cheering and pizza eating as soon as the moving van's tail lights were out of sight.

At the risk of saying this for the millionth time, I'm a huge fan of George Carlin. I could even say he's somewhat of an idol for his ability to see through so much of the funny, awkward things that come up in everyday speech and behavior. Anyway, Carlin does a good bit about how neighbors always talk about serial killers and other nutjobs (He was so nice... He was such a quiet one...).

It's interesting to see that in the wake of all these Amy Bishop revelations, no one is really saying that. At this point, only her husband seems to be defending her past track record of antisocial behavior.

So it goes.

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