Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's That Time Again..

I'm a huge fan of language.

Studying English and other languages' words is a daily hobby and always will be -- whether it's the way American English changes words' meanings (i.e. anxious or peruse), or whether it's the way roots vary from language to language (i.e. that our word for a person not working can be synonymous with death, whereas the Spanish word for it, jubilado, comes from the same root as 'overjoyed.')

Anyway, it seems like every six months or so I write an entry about Cockney rhyming slang and how I wish we had it in the States. Many people know it from Austin Powers, EuroTrip, Ocean's Eleven, or Snatch, but it hasn't quite taken hold anywhere on this side of the Pond. I've posted links explaining a lot of the frequently-used terms, but I become a bit more of a YouTube junkie by the day and recently realized I hadn't posted a video.

Without further ado, here goes, and here's to continuing to hold out hope that the "dog" may someday become acceptable usage here for the phone, or that we can walk the up the apples at night to go to bed.

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