Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Frailty, Thy Name is Person!

I love people.

I am one of those people so extroverted that I score like 19 "E" out of a possible 20 on those Myers-Briggs things. I love to be around people, I love to converse with them (and am a reverse ventriloquist*, which you'll never believe 'til I point it out, and then you'll know), and love to hear their stories. In fact, when I look back on different life experiences, the things that stand out the most -- and that I sometimes miss the most -- are the stories that grow from those times and place, or even the storytellers themselves.

In fact, I love people so much that I married one. And we love each other so much that we made a whole new one.

So now that my people-loving credentials are firmly put on the line, let me say this: Sometimes, on some subjects, I've gotta part ways with 'em.

One of those subjects is rain, or the response to said weather phenomenon.

Until people start melting in water, or until something much more dangerous starts to fall from the sky (frogs? locust plagues?), I will be able to walk outdoors during while it's raining and generally be okay. In fact, I might enjoy it.

Upon arriving at the destination, my clothes, hair, and person might be somewhat wet, but my steadfast belief in the water cycle tells me that the dampness is just a temporary condition. Evaporation will take its course, and everything will be okay.

I'm not sure why people overreact to rain. Even on military bases, you can see some soldiers and sailors literally sprinting to get inside during a downpour (I would understand if they were in their dress uniforms, but I'm talking about guys in boots and cammies). It seems like the sprinting on a potentially wet surface must be much more dangerous than the threat of H20 particles hitting the body.

Office places, streets, and anywhere else are no exceptions. In general, I just think that as much as I love people, I'm going to throw them under the bus just enough to say I think they need to chill out a bit on this reaction-to-rain thing. Someone saw me yesterday after the downpour and based on the concerned expression and questions that followed, you would've thought I showed up bleeding in five places with maybe a bone or two protruding from somewhere.

Short of a corporate conspiracy being foisted upon us by the umbrella industry, I just don't see it the same way. On this subject, I guess I am the equivalent of that "third dentist" crazy enough not to endorse Trident.

* Reverse Ventriloquist. Unlike someone who appears to be talking but isn't, someone engaged in a conversation who, upon closer look, is revealed not to be actually speaking. In my case, applies only to conversations with people I don't know well [if it's a close friend I'm with, I can be a regular jaw-jacker...]


kad barma said...

I've never been inclined to run to avoid the rain. When I was younger I got wet. When I got older, I got an umbrella. Either way, I still get girls, which is to say, I'm with you not understanding what all the fuss is about.

C R Krieger said...

Ducking the rain seems OK to me, but whining about it doesn't.  My line is the farmers need the rain.  My fallback is "The rain falls on the evil and the just equally".

Regards  —  Cliff