Sunday, April 22, 2012

The McNulty File

A blog I wish to recommend is The McNulty File, which is written by an NCO who I deployed with last year. He lives in Medford, attends UML, and doesn't hold back with commentary that mostly focuses on politics, humor, and the military (and the intersection thereof). It's also now added to the blogroll here -- check it out!


Progressive Veterans said...

Moonbats need not bother, I take it? Yikes!

- Jack

Nick McNulty said...

Thanks for the plug, sir.

My brother is to the left of President Obama, and I think he finds the same effects of reading my blog that CPT Page finds with his fine dissertation on rain. And my roommate in Afghanistan (and close friend back here at home) is a staunch Democrat, we have found an enriching coexistence despite occasionally opposing world-views.

BTW, sir, loved that blog - I am a self-avowed rainophile, the wetter the better.