Monday, March 10, 2008

Dear Mr. Spitzer

Dear Mr. Spitzer,

I would like to start by reminding you that if you really wanted to be a *private* citizen, you could have -- but you have chosen a public life. So don't hide behind some imaginary cloak of privacy now.

Secondly, I just want to remind you that for ANY citizen to engage in criminal activity is not a 'private' matter. Yes, what you and your family do behind closed doors really is private (within legal bounds, of course), but you should be held to that same legal standard that any other citizen would for engaging in illicit activity outside of the home.

Please just go away. Use your half-billion dollars for the legal protection you'll need, retreat to your *privacy,* and don't tell me about it.

Yours truly,
The New Englander

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Nick said...


The guy who owns the local corner store watches cable news literally all day. So tonight I asked him what he thinks of the Spitzer scandal. He said "Since day one, the Republicans have been out to get him."

This is similar to HilClinton's "vast right-wing conspiracy" rebuttal on the Today Show. Shouldn't we assume that the republicans are always out to get the democrats and vice versa? Shouldn't politicians assume this, and act accordingly?

It's amazing when these highly ambitious, and otherwise "brilliant" political figures make such stupid choices. For these men, each decision and utterance is so thoroughly vetted, so completely risk-analyzed, so parsed and considered, yet they put themselves in the most extraordinarily risky scenarios.

I guess the sex drive is so primal that it flies below the radar of conscientiousness.

Peace out Spitzer