Saturday, February 12, 2011

Boston's Other Boggs

A few days in, a whole lot more out.

The Globe ran a great story today about Major George Boggs of the Massachusetts Army National Guard, who was recently recognized for his excellent work with the BPD K-9 unit. (And yes, there's a Lowell connection was Commissioner Davis who recognized him).

He is now getting a ready to spend a year away from the Department as he'll be serving in Afghanistan.

This story, much like the WCVB coverage referenced in my last post, or the story here about Lieutenant Colonel Bazer, the 'rabbi for the heroes,' shows that the media isn't necessarily 'out to get' the military. Yes, the media plays a role in exposing wrongdoing (in the military or anywhere else) but it also highlights positive stories such as these. I would argue that both sides could benefit from more mutual understanding.

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