Sunday, February 6, 2011

Break Time

7 in, 393 out.

Well, it's really nice to be home right now. After a long week that really felt mostly like a long day, I'm home at a normal hour tonight as we were cut loose for the Super Bowl. My wild and crazy plans involve Pizza Hut with Ratriey and (hopefully) falling asleep early enough to recover from the nagging cough/head cold that I've been trying to fight all week.

I've been kicking around all kinds of thoughts about being a staff officer, about how the unit is coming together now, about how things might change at the mobilization station, etc. but right now I'm too exhausted for it all, so I'll kick it off to another day.

I will say this, though -- I know a guy here in Lowell who predicted every single NFL playoff game this year. I was there when he did it, and then when he got to the AFC and NFC championship games, he said "The Super Bowl is going to be the Packers and the Steelers," and just sort of stopped there.

I'll admit I had some goosebumps when it happened, and I just had to check in with him last Saturday.

His prediction? Packers, covering and going over. Maybe just to show off a bit, he even threw a score out there -- 33 to 26.*

* I am writing this 15 minutes before kickoff.

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