Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When Summer Camp February

3 in, 397 out.

The pic you see here was blatantly heisted from You might recognize its author as the "Pride of Attleboro" featured in Monday's entry.

Someone asked me what day of the week it was today, and I honestly didn't know. I don't mean to be too dramatic here -- of course, after a few moments of moving back from Monday and then going forward from there I cracked the riddle -- but the way the days of the week can pretty quickly blur into irrelevancy during a deployment is well-known among all services and branches.

Maybe it's a little scary that I'm hitting that milestone so soon, but I think I can pass that off on how not going home last night threw me off just enough to kick the ol' day-to-day rhythm off its axis.

Still, how fitting is it that it would happen on Groundhog Day?

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