Monday, August 17, 2009

Dharma Buns: Quick Update

I found out today via e-mail that Dharma Buns (between Centro and Brinan's on Market) won't open this month, but will more likely open sometime in September. I heard great things about their sandwiches during Folk Festival (potentially biased sources though, it was the owner's table out on Market Street) and am looking forward to trying out a Guinness milkshake. From Dharma Buns:

Meanwhile, we're happy to report that the City of Lowell has granted Dharma Buns a wine and malt beverage restaurant license. This means we can definitely go ahead with our plans of offering the best, most flavorful and delicious craft beers, Belgian Ales and Imperial Stouts, as well as a simple selection of affordable yet high-quality wines, that we feel will pair off perfectly with our sandwich selection. John holds certification from Boston University in wine mastery and will be putting his knowledge to some very good use. We've also discovered a rare milkshake recipe that calls for Guinness which we are just aching to try out. Obviously this stuff will not be available for take-out or delivery but served strictly as a sit-in option on Market Street.

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