Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FVL Signature Drive: Heading into the Homestretch

The latest update from Fair Vote Lowell is below in italics:

So far, Fair Vote Lowell supporters have collected nearly 5000 signatures! Our goal is 4188 – but this is the number of valid signatures required and many of those 5000 collected could not be certified due to errors, primarily in addresses.

It has been so much hard work and getting to the finish line still seems to be uphill. Our deadline now is less than 10 days away and we still need over 1000 signatures.

Can we do it? Absolutely – it’s only 120 per day. Twenty people willing to do six per day will do it. Sixty people willing to do 2 per day and we’ve got it. But we cannot do it without your help.

What can you do?

1. If you are a Lowell resident and registered voter and have not yet signed, please contact us at and we’ll find a way for you to sign (and bring a friend!)

2. If you have petitions in your home and you haven’t gotten around to turning in your signatures, please get them to us now.

3. If you still want to gather signatures, there’s still time. Let us know, we still need you.

Have you ever wanted to really make a difference? Do you want to play a role in Lowell’s history? This is your chance.

Together, we can make a better Lowell, but we have to do it now.

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