Friday, October 16, 2009

If 'Dumbassery' Is a Chargeable Offense..

I learned more than I ever wanted to know about the Heene family (now infamous for the Balloon Boy incident) last night while waiting through a knee MRI at Lowell General (not my own, as TV watching would've been hard to pull off). The TV was on CNN, there was no clicker in sight, and the Balloon Boy story seemed to be in a continuous news loop, before its 24-hours-and-out expiration date.

Now, I must confess, I just wrapped up my work for the day and curiosity got the best of me -- I went over to YouTube and watched the Heene brothers' rap video, which was clearly written, orchestrated, and put together by an adult (the father) for pretty exploitative purposes. Besides not being able to understand 90% of what the kids were saying, all I was able to conclude is that I'm now 3.5 minutes older and maybe an IQ point or two dumber.

The big controversy now is whether the mother and father should be charged with purporting a hoax, but that's going to be difficult to prove either way. So be it.

What I wonder, though, is whether there could be some type of child endangerment charge -- after all, if the 'flying saucer' was left in the backyard in a way that left it open to the possibility of use by one of these three rambunctious boys, shouldn't someone have foreseen this possibility?

Hoax or not, it just seems hard for me to believe that the mad scientist father didn't see the possibility of this happening.

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