Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mendonca, Berard, and Broderick -- Tonight

As recently posted by Mimi over at Left in Lowell, there are three campaign events tonight: Fundraisers for Joe Mendonca, Ryan Berard, and Kevin Broderick.

Planning to head over to Garcia Brogan's for some food and beer...hope to see you there.


kad barma said...

I continue to be impressed with Paul Belley, who, though isn't holding a fundraiser tonight, was helpful in his comments over on Left In Lowell about some of the other challengers' events. Seems like exactly the kind of open, supportive emphasis that the currently-fractured city council needs. And his home neighborhood initiatives are excellent models for the rest of the city's neighborhoods, too.

As for tonight, I'm sticking close to home until the knee feels stronger (and the swelling subsides a little more) but you should come on over after for the Sox game. Sleep? Who needs sleep?

Mimi said...

It was nice to see you there and to get a chance to chat.

kad baram:
Hope you knee feels stronger soon.

The New Englander said...

Thanks for throwing that out there..Paul Belley was there supporting those candidates, and hopefully we can get him to come downtown for the Pats next Sunday..I know the voting stats for downtown are abysmal but I think there must be a dozen or so voters on a certain floor of a certain building that I know..