Friday, January 15, 2010

Brown v. Coakley: The View From One Windshield

I just spent the better part of the day driving. First from Lowell to Bedford, then down to Newton, back to Bedford, and then on back to Lowell. Thanks to 95 being a parking lot today, I got to take the more interesting and scenic route.

This is of course anecdotal (and I should mention the TOTAL level of political signage and activity was very low), but the lawn signs on properties and the sign-holders at intersections that I did see along the route were all Brown.

We all know registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans here by something to the order of 3-to-1, but especially in a special election like this, turnout is the wildcard that can mean everything.

The numbers sit with the Democrats, but the passion in this race seems to be on the side of the Republicans.