Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where I'll Give Galluccio Credit

Well, it looks like "Senator Toothpaste" is finally out of a job and on lockdown. I'm still wondering, as I did in my earlier post when he first tried to make the bogus Sensodyne claim, if I'm going to be paying this guy's pension for most of the rest of my working life. My hunch, unfortunately, is yes.

Here's where I'll give him credit -- he went big. Even though the attempted defense strategy has long been discredited in courts of law, and even though this guy has shown such egregiously poor judgement so as to leave the scene of an accident after he hit a family's minivan so hard that he left an imprint of his own license plate on the side he had the nerve to try to claim he hadn't violated the terms of his probation, and that in fact it was the toothpaste that gave the reading.

And for a guy who goes from Councilor to Mayor to State Senator and then has everything fall apart like this, you might as well go down swinging.

For me, the toothpaste defense beats anything I've heard this side of "poor judgement," "temporary lapse in good decision-making," "numerous transgressions," or yes, even the infamous "wide stance" of the Honorable Gentleman from Idaho.

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