Sunday, January 17, 2010

Seeing the Military's Response to Haiti

Yes, the site is wholly owned and operated by the Pentagon, but is an underrated source of information about some of the lesser-known operations performed by our military on a daily basis.

I just clicked over there, as it's a stop on my "I can't sleep right now so I'll check out my standard couple dozen websites," tour. What I noticed is that it's all Haiti-focused. There are pictures front and center, as well as articles to the right, about the joint logistic and humanitarian effort going on right now.


kad barma said...

Have you checked out Google Reader? No need to check out sites--it lists anything on your list of favorites that's changed since you last looked. (Of course, however, that might not aid you in your procrastination from sleep, observing how it cuts down on the amount of time needed to check...)

The New Englander said...

Thanks for the tip, I will give Google Reader a look...that definitely seems more efficient than just going back and "making the rounds" without first checking if anything is even new..